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Liam Gerner

Like all his work, Liam Gerner's songs on Place To Land, his first album, penetrate the heart of the human condition. 'I wrote several of the songs in Australia in the desert while I was gigging for miners and tourists west of Alice Springs,' says the 24-year-old singer-songwriter of a tour of his native land. 'After two months of playing in the desert I felt a bit like a seed that had been caught in a truck's muddy bumper bar and driven a million miles away from home, then dropped in the desert and expected to grow.'

Narrative pearls with insidious, addictive hooks, instant classics, Liam's tunes capture your mind, your hips and your feet; they are brought to rich fruition with the ease of his polished, seasoned vocals. 'There's a song about a London street sweeper (Dustman), a song about the disaster of the boat Siev X that sank between Indonesia and Australia,' (Small Wooden Boat) he recalls. 'There are a couple of songs inspired by young soldiers, including a 21- year-old father-to-be, a soldier in a British tank regiment in Iraq - I met him on a train to Edinburgh'(A Hole in a Storm).

Whilst playing in Australia, Liam was talent-spotted by Peter Gabriel: Gabriel invited him to play at WOMAD, first in Australia, then in the UK. These shows have led to Liam's headlining performances at London venues such as the Islington Academy, the Borderline, and the Twelve Bar Club. He has also played support slots with Teddy Thompson, Robbie Fulks, Tex Perkins, & Tim Rogers.

With a group of outstanding musicians, Liam Gerner recorded Place To Land at George Martin's Air Studios with producer Andy Strange, who has worked with - among many others - Elton John, Robbie Williams, and INXS. Among musicians featured on Place To Land are vocalist Kamila Thompson, James Blunt's drummer Karl Brazil, pedal steel and dobro player Melvin Duffy, who has worked with Robbie Williams and Squeeze, keyboards maestro Guy Davis (Jimmy Barnes, Diesel) and Lilac Time's Nick Duffy.

Currently based in London, Liam has been writing songs and performing in his native South Australia since the age of twelve, consistently refining his unique songwriting style with its meaningful themes and content. 'My folks had a lot of vinyl,' he remembers, 'so I've been inspired by a lot of music: I just used to put on whatever cover looked good and hit the living room carpet with my wooden tennis racket.' These records included a wide variety of influences: Peter Gabriel himself, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Ron Sexsmith, Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett, Robbie Fulks, Billy Bragg, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Sting, Robert Johnson, Emmy Lou Harris, Midnight Oil and The Cruel Sea among many others.

'I started playing guitar and making up songs to escape my family's arguments,' says Liam. 'When I was eight my brother played me the Peter Gunn theme on his guitar and I thought I have to play that and give others what it's given me - that fire!'

Liam also wrote the music and songs for the award-winning Australian film Angela's Decision. Currently playing at film festivals worldwide, his music for the film has enjoyed critical acclaim, nominated for best song and score in several festivals, among them the New Jersey Film festival.






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